I sware, every time i come to use this product there is always something wrong with it. It powers on when you flick the switch. Shopping Cart 0 items. If order over the internet is not for you. My only negative point would be that it needs all cartridges working.

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Let’s get the positives out of the way first: When it works, its nice; but to actually setup the wireless facility is laborious and not straightforward, not even for printee who enjoys a computer challenge!

Quality of scan and copy is very good. I had very similar problems with the CM fw. This is the first Fuji Xerox printer I tried, and I believe is the last unit. Performs much better than ink ones I had before. It paper jams approximately cm205fw printer second page.

It is a cumbersome cm205fw printer hopelessly ineffective printer. Lots of cm205fw printer with this. Yes it was relatively cheap, however I am spending twice the value of the printer on cartridges each month or so. CMFW Cm205fw printer crappy infuriating printer.


DocuPrint CM205 fw How To, FAQ & Answers

Had a couple of jams, my own fault mostly cm205fw printer foreign object in the infeed and some dodgy paper. Oct 03 Promt usually next day delivery Promt usually next day delivery. Must manually put in UP address and then must use docuworks software to scan. Do not use fluids or chemicals as this may damage the sensor. Prices for the printer itself are cm205fw printer, refills are fine but this product has one massive down factor.

Allan K replied on Jun 18, It now tells me that the CTW sensors need cleaning after using the net I found out what a CTW sensor is and where it is and cleaned it – but that wasn’t good enough. Aug redundant since windows 10, great before cm205fw printer. Jun Worst ever. CMFW how do you clean ctd unit?

It sits cm205fw printer upon the desk. Jun The absolute worst printer imaginable. The instructions may as well have been written in Chinese in fact they are.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMfw Colour Multifunction Printer

I guess I have return it to the technician again, may be I have to scrap this printer very soon. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. cm205fw printer


Have had no problems whatsoever recommending them to my cm205fw printer and know some have got … Read More Walkwiseau. I confess I am not a techo, cm205fw printer a qualified one lives in the house and he cannot make the wi-fi work.

It powers off when you flick the switch again. Or as a way to smash windows.

Solved this by keeping a spare set on hand. A nightmare to get it working–needing many phone calls pfinter Sydney’s helpful cm205fw printer staff. When I lift it up, it is like 6 reams of A4 paper. I have persevered for year. Terry asked on Jun 21, It constantly gets confused about paper sizing A4 and US and then reprints the first page cm205fw printer and over.