Try not to override the default Kodi keyboard shortcuts. Here is what the powershell script does: At first this page was unappropriate for Imon and Keymap Editor users, but since March I have become a authorized Kodi Wiki editor yeah! For this I had to disable all video autoplays or else it would just start automatically everytime. What you are asking can be set up in less than five minutes.

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For our tests, we used a Radeon graphics card that would auto-detect whether a monitor was plugged or unplugged.

The key shortcut is passed to the Imon remote script. Waiting for worker thread to finish [ Cris – June 6, I have the Lenovo Imon remote, and I like it. I cannot figure out how to make the iMon remote work effectively with Windows 7.

iMON – Download

Now imon remote can change the langage in one imon remote, on your screen you can see when you do it like the same way for the subtitle. If the program will let you map remote buttons to keyboard actions, then just do that for equivalent XBMC keyboard commands. Is there a good way to just use that with the iMon remote? Originally Posted by saukriver No clue how to do imon remote.


Blake – July 20, Welcome to Kodi Community Forum! T9 keyboard on the numeric buttons have been added to the latest versions of the files inside the RAR file. Here is someone suggesting that all iMon software should be disableed except the display info for what Windows Media Center imon remote doing.

Dear All, anyone know where download the latest version 8.

First you have to download this. Then all went well. From my limited experience, I concur that imedia is useless.

So I created a Powershell script to launch the videos, music, pictures and movies screens. In my example put Imon remote.

HTPC Cases With LCD Screens: Bringing Bling

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dave – October 31, January 21, 9. I think there is an application that detects if the PC is receiving IR signals, you should try imon remote. On the Imon Ipad, there are 5 colored buttons that are used to launch media center programs and get them to imon remote display specific screens: We customized settings in the iMon manager to choose a local city for displaying date, time, and weather information.


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January 21, imon remote. If anyone has tried it, please comment below on your experience: Yes, my password is: With everything connected, we simply set the LCD touch screen as a secondary display at x resolution with the desktop imon remote on to imoj.

I use the iMon control stuff on my Harmony remote. I will choose it on my AVR receiver.

Not our member yet? Perhaps you will need to re-create them. If your Kodi starts faster, change this value. Create an account or sign in remotr comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create imon remote account Sign up for a new account in our imon remote.